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n left the bar, I went directly to theYby and how we are glad i made ​​of dots to see some other cars, wanktube we stopped at the top and kissed her, she reached down and started rubbing my cock hard before the release of my pants and began to give me a good hard suction. wanktube If you have your head on my lap to go to a guy and we realized the driver's window and I then noticed a figure on the passenger side window, pulled to expose her breasts and began to stroke and play with hard nipples, so that viewers could see, then I told him we were being watched by two guys and to my surprise, she stopped and said, ooh really hard blow, and then turned the suction, but is more difficult . I opened my pants and began, could fall, so the guys a good look at her beautiful ass, I thought I was going to stop, but only went with the flow, I realized that our two spectators had wanktube tak
Quotes n the tail of his pants and masturbates little about the show that pUtting am for them, so I said, and she lifted her head to see, but said it was too dark, I opened the driver's window and asked him to come closer so she could see him pull he did, and she masturbating hard until she felt tense and then put my cock in her mouth so she could swallow my milk. we sat back to us, and watched as the boys masturbated until he arrived, thanked us and went Bothe. on the way home we were talking about the experience and told me it was very good to know, we have observed, we decided to go back but next time, when they dress for the occasion and walk to a real show, we are thrilled with the idea of how this is going to take and what delights await us when (in his words) that have no doubt at the end blinfolded and know a tree at any time. our first layby experience, and come in any case, a foretaste of things.


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My girlfriend and I wanktube went for a drink a little more than a week on the east coast on the way back in a known layby near Beverley, Humberside. It s very quiet, so we started a nice hug, and soon we were feeling and fondling each other, she opened my pants and pulled out my penis and started greeting to lick up and down before them in the mouth and began to give me a blowjob very good, except for a few cruise there were no other spectators, or what it felt really good, long suck me, beautiful breasts while I freely and play with her ​​nipples. It was not long before going into her mouth and she wanktube moaned with pleasure as she swallowed my cum, we resolved and returned home, I was a little tired, as I have to be aware of our first adventure without layby wanted. for last Thursday we went out for a drink, and deliberately going in the direction of the layby, we had drinks and the